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TechKnow Heaven Limited, established in 16th October 2015, is a group of companies working in unison to provide quality services. The company works both nationally and internationally and has handled around 200+ projects.

With extreme team spirit, interlinked cooperation we want to explore potentials, reaching sustainable and durable business organizations worldwide. We can do so through the different sister concern companies of TechKnow Heaven Limited. There are 7 companies under the TechKnow Heaven Limited umbrella, Sector of Web Triangle, I Learning BD, GamingKnow Heaven, Team Critix (Gaming Clan), Gaming Formation, Hardware Heaven & SoundKnow Heaven.


We try to provide innovative technological solutions for any individual or business so that we can transform their lifestyle and way of business. Those interested in building a career through us are always welcome. We also help startups set up their business and help them grow. Through these activities we want to set standards others will want to follow.

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Our Mission & Vision


TechKnow Heaven’s mission is to get rid of unemployment in our country and create skilled experts in the field of IT, such as programming, digital marketing, graphics designing, animation design, game development and app development.

TechKnow Heaven will become the best IT Firm nationally in the next 3 years.


TechKnow Heaven’s vision is to make the world a better place by providing better and innovative technological services and by 2025 we will become one of the top 100 best IT firms around the world. We want to explore into more sectors like robotics, big data, server station, space innovation, ISP and much more.

Our Buiness Overview

TechKnow Heaven works with and follows the latest technology trends, co-operating with established businesses. We provide end-to-end solutions. TechKnow Heaven ensures supreme performance and quality standards by taking aid from our partners or business associates. We ensure significant cost-benefits for any individual or business while ensuring the best solution from every platform is being packaged in one deal. We currently have 8 sister concern Companies under the TechKnow Heaven banner.

i-Learning Bd

Learn With Leaders

I-Learning BD is the largest e-learning platform, established in 2017 under the banner of TechKnow Heaven. I-Learning works as the IT training sector for all our business sectors. It also provides the educational based tutorial videos that helps to get technological and academicals knowledge through videos. The main goal of I-Learning BD is to get rid of unemployment and help create a digital Bangladesh in accordance to Bangladesh Government’s Vision 2021.

I-learning bd Official website

Highlights of I-Learning BD

  • Educational based tutorial videos
  • Get technological and academicals knowledge through videos
  • Internship and job opportunity after course completion
  • Opportunity to work as freelancer.

Sector of Web triangle

Highlights of Sector of Web Triangle

  • Graphics Design
  • Online marketing (SEO, SMM)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cyber Security
  • Software development
  • Web design and Development Company
  • Domain & Web Hosting

Sector of Web Triangle is the IT solution company under the TechKnow Heaven banner. It mainly works as a Web design and development, Graphic Design, Online marketing (SEO, SMM), Digital marketing, Cyber Security, software development, domain hosting company.

We have a highly dedicated and efficient team of IT Solution Specialists and will provide you with the highest quality of work, following the latest trends.

Sector of webtriangle Official website

Team Critix

Team Critix

Be Beast Together

Team Critix is the official Gaming Clan or Team of TechKnow Heaven. This team will represent the company in international and national platforms and organize Gaming competitions. The Team will also represent Bangladesh in the international Gaming scenario.

Team Critix Official website

Highlights of Team Critix

  • Represent the company in international and national platforms.
  • Organize gaming Competitions.


Highlights of GamingKnow Heaven

  • Best video games reviews
  • Latest PC game releases related news
  • Pc gaming news
  • Game play videos
  • Game trailer reactions
  • Game previews and much more

GamingKnow Heaven is gaming related website under the TechKnow Heaven banner. From us, you can expect the best video games reviews, latest PC game releases related news, pc gaming news, game play videos, game trailer reactions, game previews and much more.

GamingKnow Heaven Official website

Gaming Formation


'Gaming Formation' is all about video games, be it first person shooter or third person shooter, racing or sports, action or war, fantasy or shooter games, open world or strategy , fighting or adventure, we play it all. Our website will feature Game reviews, game-play videos, game trailer reactions, game previews and much more!!

Gaming Formation Official website

Game play Videos of
  • First and Third person shooter
  • Racing or sports, action or war
  • Fantasy
  • Shooter games
  • Open world or strategy
  • Fighting or adventure

Highlights of Gaming Formation

There are also
  • Game reviews
  • Game-play videos
  • Game trailer reactions
  • Game previews

Box to Unbox

Highlights of Box to Unbox

  • Unboxing and review
  • Unboxing of latest computer hardware, gadgets and accessories.

A YouTube channel under the TechKnow Heaven banner, which consists of unboxing and review of latest computer hardware, gadgets and accessories.

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HardwareKnow Heaven

HardwareKnow Heaven

Hardware Heaven is the one stop destination for all your hardware and accessory needs. When you need the latest hardware or computer parts for your PC, hardware heaven is the right choice for you. We provide the latest PC hardware and accessories at a pocket-friendly price.

HardwareKnow Heaven Official website

Highlights of Hardware Heaven
  • Any PC or any Laptop
  • Hardware for your PC
  • Computer parts and accessories for your PC

Soundknow Heaven

SoundKnow Heaven is the music related sector of TechKnow Heaven. SoundKnow Heaven will work on sound editing, music production like remixes and much more related to music.

Visit our official website SoundKnow Heaven

Highlights of SoundKnow Heaven

  • Sound editing
  • Music production
  • Remixes and much more related to music
Industry Leading Client Satisfaction

Our first priority is always to satisfy our valuable clients. We understand that without our clients we are nothing. We perform regular surveys of all our clients who have taken our services. Maximum of them are highly satisfied and are likely to recommend us to other potential clients.

Dedicated Team

Trends are changing rapidly and our dedicated team allows us to stay ahead in every aspect. Our expert team allows us to be agile and quickly solve any problem regarding our services if they may ever arise. We make sure our core team is working with you when you take any of our services.

Up To Date with Latest IT Trends

We keep a close eye on the latest IT market trends so that we can provide our clients with up to date work, skill sets, latest technology and best practices. We work as an educated resource for all our clients.

Customizable Services

All our services are customizable, so that our clients may easily customize the services they want to take and omit the ones that are not their piece of cake. We do not burden our clients with service terms that are unnecessary for them.

200+ Completed Projects

We have successfully completed over 200+ projects nationally and internationally. This has allowed us to gain experience in handling any kind of project be it local or international.

24/7 Customer Support

Once you take a service from TechKnow Heaven, we make sure you get all the assistance you need. We have a dedicated customer support team, who are there to help you round the clock.


Happy Clients


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We Are The Best Solution For Your Business.

TechKnow Heaven helps you grow your business and helps you stand out from your competitors. In this current age, only the fit survive in the world of business. Our services are designed to make you the fittest business enterprise there is.

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Build Your Career

TechKnow Heaven is a growing company with international working standards. We have diverse career opportunities in our 8 sister concern companies. To enrich your career, come and join us. We have regular job openings, so watch this space for regular job postings.

Train, become an intern and get your desired job

You have the opportunity to train under the guidance of industry experts. After training, you will be under a 2 month probation period as an intern, and if you we find you worthy, we will offer you a permanent position on our team.

Drop Your CV

TechKnow Heaven is one of the best companies to work for, as we maintain a friendly and safe environment for working. Those individuals who are interested in careers in information technology are eligible or perfect for joining us on our endeavor. Please keep checking our website for any information technology jobs on offer. If you think you have the spark in you to work with us, send your CV.

Career In IT Industry

Information technology (IT) careers are the best careers for any person who wants to have fun working and earn a living too. A career in IT helps you become self-dependent and helps grow your confidence. We believe It will lead the next generation and help our country grow.

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